Write what you know, and what is that exactly? A whole lot of almost nothing about many different subjects. Maybe I should pursue a niche, an expertise. It only takes 10.000 hours, nothing really once you cut out tv hours. Preferably in the area of popular science, late nineteenth century, early twentieth, the rollercoaster time of scientific discoveries. In a few week I will have access to my personal library once again and will be able to start a small collection, more consciously selected according to certain criteria (yet to be decided). Physics, chemistry, maths and medicine. Forensics, which encompasses most of those.

Link with philosophy, so many thinkers I cannot seem to keep apart and whose ideas I don’t yet understand. I might check out that bookshop on the little mountain again some time next week. Or raid some bookshelves of course. Learn some words as well…you use but can never remember.                   

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